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"kurokankun went to hill Park of eight mountain four seasons promptly."

I looked at "the bulletin board" of Sanko Community Revitalization Aid of the kurokankunga Roadside Station Nakatsu. I was looking forward to the Sanko cosmos Festival of the kurokankummo this year, but I heard it with cancellation and regretted it. Therefore I seemed to go to see a cosmos of hill Park Park of the four seasons promptly.

There is eight hill Park of the four seasons in the halfway up a mountain of the mountain and is the park which can enjoy a cherry tree and a hydrangea, various seasonal flowers such as the maple. As the garden becomes able to take a walk on a promenade, and there is the fairy-tale break hut everywhere, it is a park to be able to enjoy both children and adults.
It is (the point of 10/7), kurokankummo delight on seeing the cosmos which began to bloom in this park. It is expectation to reach in full bloom over the middle of October. Would cosmos fans like to visit hill Park of the four seasons by all means? And I would appreciate your relaxing in "Roadside Station Nakatsu" in the neighborhood slowly.  

"I update Sanko Community Revitalization Aid bulletin board" (No3)

I performed the third update of the bulletin board which a member of Community Revitalization Aid of the Sanko branch told about activity information in Information lounge of the Roadside Station Nakatsu. Because "the cosmos Festival" of the specialty of Sanko was called off under corona hyperno influence this time, it is the information that planted ten kinds of cosmoses in "the hill park in the four seasons" on a member and the staff of the Sanko branch. The middle of October seems to be beginning to bloom a little now in in full bloom. Members did their best for a fan looking forward to the cosmos in an average year in the occasion when there was not cosmos Festival and was lonely. I look forward to the favorite cosmos. Please stop by in Roadside Station Nakatsu on the way home. I look forward to it.

Roadside Station Nakatsu Events calendar


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I give it the original "world music" which built the Andes, the element of the Latin contemporary music in the basics in longtime history and experience in spite of being the harvest in the band SISAY "flowering Ecuadorian folk music that a flower blooms" to play an active part in the representative of the music of South American Ecuador as Ambassador culture worldwide for from 11:00 to 15:30 on "SISAY live in South America in Ecuador" Sunday, October 20, 2019 world.

※There is CD DVD goods sale.

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Song of ... & new name of an era concert - 5/5 of the fifth anniversary

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... Events - 4/20 4/21 of the fifth anniversary

 I was able to reach the Thanks to you fifth anniversary.
 Thank you.
 I make Events various preparations with all everyday thanks. Come by all means at this opportunity.
 In addition, Events may be changed.

... Events - 4/20 4/21 of the fifth anniversary

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