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FY2018 Events (April to September)

~Autumn Homecoming Concert 9/16~

The 2018 66th Nakatsu City Agricultural Products Fair (Pear Kyoho) was held.

~Autumn Homecoming Concert~

Summer Homecoming Concert 7/29 Canceled due to typhoon.

JA Okinawa Yomiuri Farmers Market Deputy Manager Nakasone (right) came for a promotion

“Okinawa Fair Mensore Live” 7/8

~Okinawa Fair Mensore Live~

"Okinawa Fair Mensore Live"

Tomomi song concert held!! 6/9

~Notice from Roadside Station Nakatsu~ (Blood Donation)

Sixth industry store opening 6/5 12/5

 On May 12, 2018 (Sat) and 13th (Sun), a reconstruction project for the Yabakei disaster will be held at Roadside Station Nakatsu.We are holding a “Nakatsu Sixth Industry Promotion Event”! !
 <Businesses participating in Roadside Station Nakatsu Yabakei disaster recovery event>
 Firefly Chaya Garden Tenjiku
 Yabakei Life Co., Ltd.
 Yabakei soft-shelled turtle
 Urayabakei Agricultural Processing Group
  Please stop by Roadside Station Nakatsu! !

~Sixth industry store opening~

~“Ueno Kagura” May 5~

~May 4 Taishogoto performance~

~May 3 Bananas were sold fresh!!~

~Roadside Station Nakatsu Spring Homecoming Concert!!~

~Spring Homecoming Concert & Nakatsu Higashi (Gyorokke Burger and Chicken Rice Sales)

 ~Roadside Station Nakatsu event 4/29~
 Spring Homecoming Concert & Nakatsu Higashi (Gyorokke burger and chicken rice sales) was held! !
 Roadside Station Nakatsu is very crowded.
 Lots of Golden Week events! ! Please come and visit us~laugh

~Nakatsu Higashi High School Marketing Department Selling Gyorokke Burger and Chicken Rice~

~4th anniversary event held on 4/21!!~

~4th anniversary event held on 4/22!!~

4th Anniversary Event

~Spring Homecoming Concert 4/29~

~Dunlop National Tire Safety Inspection~

 April 7th (Sat), "Dunlop National Tire Safety Inspection" will be held at Roadside Station Nakatsu..
 Dunlop was founded by John Boyd Dunlop, the world's first company.As this year marks the 130th anniversary of the invention and commercialization of pneumatic tires, we are proactively reminding drivers of the need for regular inspections, with a focus on maintaining proper tire air pressure. We engaged in traffic safety awareness activities.
 This pattern will be broadcast on OAB “Town Spice” on May 1 (Tues) from 11:40am It will be aired on OBS "Are Kore BOX" on May 2 from 10am (Wednesday).

~Dunlop National Tire Safety Inspection~

Following the autumn cosmos garden, the spring mini rapeseed garden is now in full bloom.

Roadside Station Nakatsu

814 Ooaza-Kaku, Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture
TEL/FAX: 0979-64-8830
  • JA Oita Direct Sales Office
    Oasis Hitotose
  • Restaurant
  • Large roof plaza

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