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The Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant

The Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant is the Restaurant which featured the theme of publicizing a meal of Nakatsu. I develop the set meal corner, 2 corners of the fried chicken corner. At the set meal corner, I provide the Western food such as the curry from the Nakatsu specialty plate which included pike conger, a fried chicken set meal, the Japanese food such as the dumpling stew.
 I can eat while expecting "The Hachimen Mountains" from counter seating.
Please call this number to make a reservation TEL: 0979-32-9232

... Restaurant member ...

I began ... the Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant pot meal! 11/18 ...

Various pot meals include the pike conger yahigata beautiful women (oyster) of the special product of ... Nakatsu! ...

... Roadside Station Restaurant Popular Items Menu (Roadside Station lunch 1,280 yen) ...

... Dumpling Soup Full of Local Veggies (set lunch) 890 yen ...

... Roadside Station lunch debuts! Please appreciate it; ...

The special menu in favorable reception revives in the last time!
... Roadside Station lunch ...
"Fried chicken" "whitebait rice bowl" "dumpling stew" three item set 1,280 yen

... the Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant ...

It was chosen as the Jaran Roadside Station Ranking (Restaurant section) wonderful first place!
The support of everybody contributes to this, too. Thank you.
I provide it for one article of one article true heart trouble time.
... which looks forward to your visit

The Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant

The Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant we are open all throughout New Year's!!

To fit your desires, we can make various dishes!

The Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant

To fit your desires we can make various dishes!
Out of the business hours, I accept a reservation

Chef's Choice (some available items are not listed)

Fried chicken set meal
790 yen
Our store sales No. 1! Nakatsu's famous fried chicken.
Nakatsu specialty plate
1,280 yen
Fried chicken, pike conger, the fresh sashimi of the specialty of Nakatsu
It is a menu of the manager recommendation to be able to taste at a time.
Dumpling Stew Set Meal
890 yen
It is a quite popular dumpling stew.
Fried chicken and a rice ball the Dumpling Stew Set Meal of the set
Taste, the volume is a perfect score together!
Fried chicken
Small 300 yen size 500 yen
The fried chicken of the specialty of Nakatsu!
I can make a fresh one into the take-out!

Restaurant menu (some available items are not listed)

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Chicken tempura set menu
790 yen
Fried chicken curry
790 yen
Pike Conger shabu set menu
2,500 yen
※Require reservation
Jumbo chicken cutlet set meal
880 yen
Shrimp tempura set menu
690 yen
Handmade buckwheat noodles with shredded yam
790 yen
Tenpura and handmade buckwheat noodles
890 yen
Roadside Station Nakatsu
814 Ooaza-Kaku, Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture
TEL.FAX: 0979-64-8830
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    The oasis four season
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