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Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant

Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant is a restaurant with the theme of promoting the food of Nakatsu. We have two corners: the "Set Meal Corner" and the "Kamameshi Corner". In the set meal corner, we offer Japanese dishes such as Nakatsu Gozen with conger eel, karaage set meal, and dumpling soup, as well as Western dishes such as curry.
 You can enjoy your meal while looking out at Mt. Hachimen from the counter seats.
Click here to make a reservation TEL: 0979-32-9232

"An appetite for Fall! Let's enjoy food to the fullest!"

Autumn, the season for delicious foods, has finally arrived. At Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant, Manager Kimura and all the staff are waiting for your visit with a variety of menus prepared.
This time, restaurant staff Natsumi Abe introduced us to the "Roadside Station Lunch" and "Shambo Chicken Cutlet Set Meal." "It has a lot of volume, and we are particular about seasoning," she said. There is also a good view of Mt. Hachimen from the restaurant, so she hopes you will enjoy the view while dining.

~Restaurant members~

Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant will be featured on OBS “Kabosu Time”

~Notice from Roadside Station Nakatsu~April 11th (Sat) 9:25am~Roadside Station Nakatsu restaurant will be featured on OBS Oita “Kabosu Time”Open mouth and smile faceEveryone please take a look! !

~Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant Kamameshi has started! ! 11/18~

~We have a variety of kamameshi including Nakatsu's specialty products such as conger conger and Higata Bijin (oysters)! ! ~

~Roadside Station Restaurant Popular Menu (Roadside Station Lunch 1350 yen)~

~Dumpling soup set meal with plenty of local vegetables 950 yen~

~Roadside station lunch is now available!! Please enjoy it~

The popular special menu from last time is back!!
~Roadside station lunch~
Karaage, Shirasu-don, and Dango soup 3-piece set - 1350 yen

~Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant~

#1 in Jalan Roadside Station Ranking (Restaurant Category) !!
This is all thanks to everyone's support. thank you.
We take the time and effort to provide each and every item with sincerity.
We are looking forward to your visit.

Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant

Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant We will be open for business even during the New Year!!

We can create various items according to your wishes!!

Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant

Depending on your requests, we can make various menu items!!
We accept reservations even outside of business hours.

Manager's recommendation (there are other menu items other than those listed)

Karaage set meal
880 Yen
No. 1 in sales at our store! Fried chicken, a specialty of Nakatsu.
Nakatsu Gozen
1350 Yen
Nakatsu's famous fried chicken, conger eel, and fresh sashimi
 This is the manager's recommended menu that you can enjoy all at once.
Dango soup set meal
950 Yen
Oita's famous dango soup.
The dango soup set meal includes fried chicken and rice balls.
 It's perfect in both taste and volume!!
Fried chicken
Small 350 yen Large 600 yen
Nakatsu specialty fried chicken!!
 Takeout for freshly made food is also available!!

Restaurant menu (items other than those listed are available)

Pork cutlet on rice
980 Yen
Chicken tempura set meal
880 Yen
Fried chicken curry
880 Yen
jumbo chicken cutlet set meal
990 Yen
Shrimp tempura udon
850 Yen
Handmade grated yam soba
900 Yen
Handmade Tenzaru
980 Yen
Roadside Station Nakatsu

814 Ooaza-Kaku, Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture
TEL/FAX: 0979-64-8830
  • JA Oita Direct Sales Office
    Oasis Hitotose
  • Restaurant
  • Large roof plaza

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