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"The Roadside Station Nakatsu" of the Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture is an interchange base of the complex to be able to utilize depending on various uses. I have five kinds of facilities which condensed charm of Nakatsu. It is assemble from vegetables, fruit, the flower which is from Nakatsu in the Agricultural and other products Direct Sales Area of the big scale in Roadside Station of the prefectural to a stock raising product, marine products product.
News from Roadside Station Nakatsu

... Roadside Station Nakatsu scarecrow family audience ...

 Now in Roadside Station Nakatsu Information lounge 
A  scarecrow family comes out!
 It is a very close family.
 Everybody! Please come to be healedsmiley

... grace state 2,500,000 breakthrough ...

 A person of cash register passage of the JA Oita Direct Sales Area oasis Hitotose exceeded 2,500,000 at about 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 20, 2018. 2,500,000 memorable customers are Yoko Yamakawa (person of shipment of the Hitotose) coming from Fukushima, Nakatsu-shi. It is done shopping almost every day, and pear shiitake spinach okra cabbage seems to purchase meat to ... master well after I open.
 As the 2500000th memory, the sixth industry recommendation product 10,000 yen equivalency was given 30 kg of rice and Bungo cow 10,000 yen equivalency from Nakatsu-shi from Division in northern JA Oita. I was able to have I had all of you favor it, and the customer of 2,500,000 use our Direct Sales Area. Thank you. I would like Roadside Station Nakatsu in future.

... Roadside Station Nakatsu mini-cosmos garden 10/16

 Roadside Station Nakatsu mini-cosmos garden ...
  It is coming out now for five minutes!
 Please enjoy autumnsmiley

... Sanko cosmos garden ...

 It was opened Sanko cosmos garden today!
 Period from Sunday, October 14, 2018 to Sunday, November 4
 Events is varied!

Roadside Station Nakatsu (mini-cosmos garden)

 Roadside Station Nakatsu mini-cosmos garden is coming out now for three minutes!
 Please drop in when you are in the neighborhoodsmiley
Roadside Station Nakatsu
814 Ooaza-Kaku, Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture
TEL.FAX: 0979-64-8830
  • JA Oita Direct Sales Area
    The oasis four season
  • Restaurant
  • Indoor Plaza

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