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"The Roadside Station Nakatsu" of the Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture is an interchange base of the complex to be able to utilize depending on various uses. I have five kinds of facilities which condensed charm of Nakatsu. It is assemble from vegetables, fruit, the flower which is from Nakatsu in the Agricultural and other products Direct Sales Area of the big scale in Roadside Station of the prefectural to a stock raising product, marine products product.
News from Roadside Station Nakatsu

... Sanko cosmoses are in full bloom! The Sanko cosmos garden is to 10/27!


It blooms neatly with one step of ... Sanko cosmos garden!


I opened the ... Sanko cosmos garden! It blooms neatly. Please drop in at the Roadside Station Nakatsu! ...


News ... of ... Roadside Station Nakatsu visitors 3 million breakthrough memory lottery Events

 And between the next day of 3 million breakthroughs and end, the following day of the month (a luxurious prize of the 5,000 yen equivalency enforces the lottery Events equal to 30 people as Roadside Station Nakatsu visitors 3 million breakthrough memory for from Sunday, September 15, 2019 to Thursday, October 31, 2019. As you install the application paper in each facility in the Roadside Station, please come and join us.
※The application box sets up only Roadside Station Information lounge.
※It is eaten in the Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant whether the person targeted for application does shopping in the oasis four season during an application period. I show a receipt during a period or a stub to the Roadside Station Nakatsu staff and have you stamp the application paper with a stamp. I seal it with one stamp because of the stub of the meal ticket of the Restaurant with one stamp per use amount of money 1,000 yen of the receipt.
※If three stamps collect on the application paper, I fill in application paper with the requirements and mail it in an application box installed in Information lounge.
As for the detailed application method, please see an application method shown in the application paper setting point.
※I would like the inquiry about the application to the staff in the Roadside Station Nakatsu Information lounge.  
  Phone number 0979-64-8830 (Roadside Station Nakatsu)

... Roadside Station Nakatsu visitors 3 million breakthrough memory lottery Events ...

Roadside Station Nakatsu
814 Ooaza-Kaku, Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture
TEL.FAX: 0979-64-8830
  • JA Oita Direct Sales Area
    The oasis four season
  • Restaurant
  • Indoor Plaza

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