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"The Roadside Station Nakatsu" of the Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture is an interchange base of the complex to be able to utilize depending on various uses. I have five kinds of facilities which condensed charm of Nakatsu. It is assemble from vegetables, fruit, the flower which is from Nakatsu in the Agricultural and other products Direct Sales Area of the big scale in Roadside Station of the prefectural to a stock raising product, marine products product.

The "miniature of the crane city flower large ornamental parasol for a festival" display began in Information lounge.

The miniature display of the crane city flower large ornamental parasol for a festival began on Saturday, August 1 in Information lounge. I reproduced this festival that was a summer feature of Nakatsu with a miniature. Please see it by all means.

News from Roadside Station Nakatsu

Roadside Station Nakatsu "... scientific with cultural assets second plan exhibition ... remains" display begins in 2020.

Display of "cultural assets second plan exhibition ... remains and scientific ..." began on Saturday, August 1 in the Information lounge. Do you not study the history of the hometown in high school students summer vacation in the small?

News from Roadside Station Nakatsu

"Appearance a statue of Kanbe Kuroda dressed in the horse top in Roadside Station Nakatsu!"

"The statue of Kanbe Kuroda" dressed in the horse top came up in Information lounge. It is a handmade work of Masakatsu Sakai (73 years old) of city Takase. I have it precisely very much. Please come to see it, everybody.

News from Roadside Station Nakatsu

"The Kanbe Kuroda software" of the farm kitchen was interviewed for OBS (Oita Broadcasting)!

"The Kanbe Kuroda software" of the popular item was interviewed for OBS in Roadside Station Nakatsu today (7/14). The broadcast from Wednesday, July 22 7:00 p.m. "a seasonal feeling! In 3ch is it.

News from Roadside Station Nakatsu

News of the Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant business resumption

I restart business of the Restaurant closed for coronavirus nonproliferation measures temporarily. In everybody invitation alignment, I look forward for you to come to the store out of all the employees feeling.

News from Roadside Station Nakatsu

A Roadside Station Nakatsu original sticker debuts!

 News ... from ... Roadside Station Nakatsu
 Roadside Station Nakatsu goods (original sticker) debut!
 I sell it at an Information lounge counter!
 How about in commemoration of a trip; or ...smiley

It is ... about ... Yaba-kei Gorge earth and sand disaster donation


On April 21, sales promotion party of the Nakatsu sixth industrial recommended article was held.

In the promotion society, the donation activity for victims of the earth and sand disaster that occurred in rice flour cake announcement meeting and the Nakatsu-shi Yaba-kei Gorge town which I made based on the recipe of the student of East Kyushu Ryukoku High School was performed, and the donation was handed to a stationmaster.

The donation that I had this time performs transfer in a "disaster contribution" of Nakatsu-shi account.

... which is broadcasted in "kabosu time"

 News ... from ... Roadside Station Nakatsu
 ... that Direct Sales Area Restaurant is broadcasted in ... "kabosu time" at 9:25 on Saturday, April 28smiley
 Please see it everybody ...; ...

... full of ... cherry blossom viewing information

  It is fine and is ideal day for cherry blossom viewing today
In Information lounge, it is full of a sightseeing information magazine and brochures!
 The one gone to slightly, please be referred to; ...
 ... which I look forward tosmiley

With ... grace state, I exceed 300,000 the Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant! ...

 The Roadside Station Nakatsu Restaurant was able to invite a customer on the 300000th on March 2, 2018 since the opening time on August 29, 2014. It is your grace entirely. Thank you.laugh
 The 300000th memorable customer is Torikai family coming from Fukutsu-shi, Fukuoka. 
 ... which I presented a small present to from Roadside Station Nakatsu and Restaurantsmiley
Roadside Station Nakatsu
814 Ooaza-Kaku, Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture
TEL.FAX: 0979-64-8830
  • JA Oita Direct Sales Area
    The oasis four season
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