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2018 Events (from April to September)

Homecoming concert holding 9/16 of ... autumn

Nakatsu-shi agricultural show (pear Kyoho) held it in the 66th in 2018.

Homecoming concert ... of ... autumn

I cancel it because of summer homecoming concert 7/29 typhoon.

JA Okinawa Yomiuri Farmers Market Nakasone vice-manager (the right) publicized it

"Okinawa fair mensore live" 7/8

... Okinawa fair mensore live ...

"Okinawa fair mensore live"

Tomomi songs and ballads concert is held! 6/9

News ... (blood donation) from ... Roadside Station Nakatsu

The sixth industry branch 5/12 5/13

I hold the revival plan "Nakatsu sixth industrial sales promotion Events"  of the Yaba-kei Gorge disaster in Roadside Station Nakatsu on Sunday on 13th on Saturday, May 12, 2018!
 <Roadside Station Nakatsu Yaba-kei Gorge disaster revival Events participation company>
 Firefly teahouse garden Tenjiku
 ㈱Yaba-kei Gorge life
 Yaba-kei Gorge soft-shelled turtle
 Back Yaba-kei Gorge farm output processing group
  Please drop in at the Roadside Station Nakatsu!

... sixth industry branch ...

... "Ueno noh dance" May 5 ...

... May 4 Taisho lyre performance ...

The bargain sale of the banana was carried out on ... May 3! ...

A homecoming concert of ... Roadside Station Nakatsu spring is held! ...

The homecoming concert & Nakatsu east (I regard it as gyorokke burger and sell a meal) of ... spring

 ... Roadside Station Nakatsu Events 4/29
 Spring homecoming concert & Nakatsu east (I regard it as gyorokke burger and sell a meal) was performed!
 ... which it is Roadside Station and does well very much
 Events is varied for the Golden Week! Please come to play; ...laugh

Regard it as ... Nakatsu east High School Marketing Department gyorokke burger; meal sale ...

... 4/21 Events holding of the fourth anniversary! ...

... 4/22 Events holding of the fourth anniversary! ...

Events of the fourth anniversary

Homecoming concert 4/29 of ... spring

... Dunlop whole country tire security check ...

On  Saturday, April 7, "Dunlop whole country tire security check" was carried out in Roadside Station Nakatsu.
Because Dunlop invited the 130th year this year after  John Boyd Dunlop which was the founder made a pneumaticity tire invention, the practical use for the first time in the world, I appealed to drivers for the need of the periodical check mainly on "the appropriate air pressure maintenance of the tire" and wrestled for a road safety enlightenment activity positively.
This design is broadcasted in OBS "that this BOX" from 10:00 a.m. on  OAB "town spice" and Wednesday, May 2 from 11:40 a.m. on Tuesday, May 1.

... Dunlop whole country tire security check ...

... which reaches spring mini-rape garden in full bloom following autumn cosmos garden

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