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2015 Events

Christmas Events

Let's get a present from kurokan Santa! Christmas rock, paper, scissors meet
 A schedule: 100 December 23, 2015 13:00 - first arrival-limited
 I play rock-paper-scissors with kurokan Santa and get a Christmas present to the person who won!

"A winter homecoming concert"

Winter homecoming concert

 The second to be cold time, but to continue for "oldness and homecoming, the welcome Nakatsu live" that I held in this summer! Will everybody to prefecture south - Oita - Yukuhashi gather in Nakatsu? Let's send spirit from Nakatsu! I thank you in the old year! In a forthcoming year with a dream!

New Year holidays Events

    "A first test of luck lottery meet"
 A schedule: 100 January 1, 2016 11:00 - first arrival-limited
 A lottery is over in one had a meal in Restaurant!
 Expectation to ask for (Nakatsu hometown product is successful)!

Stationmaster work

Flower arrangement classroom holding

 I hold a flower arrangement lesson on Sunday, November 22, 2015! I plan it from from 11:00 a.m. and 13:00 p.m. The entrance fee is (materials charges) of 1000 yen per person. Apply for the one that wants to participate to the Roadside Station Nakatsu Information lounge office!

I look forward to participation!

... Jomon festival experience ...

... Jomon festival experience ...

... Jomon festival ...

 A festival was held in Roadside Station Nakatsu Archaeological site park in Jomon. I have the making of straw-rope patterned pottery and fire and experience it! The many children participate and think that it might be good to be able to experience life of the Jomon period. With the roasted meat of the wild boar and a big pan, a deer and the pan of the wild boar were very delicious!

News ... of ... Events


News of the moon-viewing festival

 There is Events of the moon-viewing festival on September 26.
  ①From 16:00 to 16:30
  ②From 16:30 to 17:00
  ③From 17:00 to 17:30
  Masato Inoue
 ④From 17:30 to 18:00
 ⑤From 18:00 to 19:00
  Contest (sum drum bamboo flute samisen) of the sum
 ⑥From 19:00 to 20:00
  Oedo Juri magic show
 The above is a plan in a Roadside Station Nakatsu special venue!
 Please come to look at everybody!

News (9/26) of the moon-viewing festival Events

Events ... of ... tray

It is ... in the Events fun of ... tray

News ... of the Events of ... tray
 Scooping goldfish 1 worth 100 yen (8/12 - 8/16)
 fuafua Dome setting (8/13 - 8/16)
 Summer homecoming concert (8/13 - 8/15)
 A work lesson is held        8/16 (part 13:30 ... of part from 11:00 to the afternoon of the morning)
 (woodwork chairs) material cost 500 yen
 In the Roadside Station Nakatsu, I plan various Events in the Bon Festival. Come in everybodies.

Roadside Station Nakatsu, summer homecoming concert (8.13-15)

Summer homecoming!
I give a concert for 13-15 days in August and hold it.
Can you come across a good old song for homecoming after a long absence?
By Oita prefectural opening of Higashi Kyushu Expressway, it is more and more comfortable
To the pleasant hometown!
For security!

♨Welcome it is ... to onsen prefecture Oita♨

"onsen prefecture Oita destination campaign" began in July.
I am holding Events in order to welcome the people who came to come to Oita in the Roadside Station Nakatsu.
◆Today's Events◆
・Roadside Station music festival
・Nakatsu sixth industrial branch
 [Yaba-kei Gorge life] Sushi using "the sushi vinegar that citron is fragrant" and the vinegar, sale of "the jam to tear"
 [studio Nomura] Sale of "the raw sake wild camellia"
・Distribution of the Nakatsu-shi hometown tax brochure
・Sampling sale of eki*uma Topia "ichisoba" of the way
・Soft and fluffy dome setting
・Beetle for free present

Come to the Roadside Station Nakatsu by all means in future as you hold Events more and more.

July 18 music Events holding!

[information live on July 18]
★The first from 11:00 to 12:00 "Nakatsu-shi government office mutual aid society music club"
 The performance that is wonderful of this!
 Wound part 1951! It seemed to have been played the welcome of the person of demobilization at Nakatsu Station.
★"Beppu, hakudomura comes over!" for the second from 12:30 to 15:50
 Niece native of welcome stage of Yako of Nakatsu and that Hakudo Otsuka
 This is sung, too!
 The fresh farm and marine industries things are varied! Please come!

I color 20 group planting planter "Roadside Station Nakatsu"

Nakatsu east high Marketing Department (fried chicken)

 Nakatsu east high Marketing Department (fried chicken)
 I prepare in rain with effort.

Nakatsu east high Marketing Department (fried chicken)

 Nakatsu east high Marketing Department (fried chicken)
 By young power, I do my best together
 I do my best in rain! I smell very good. Please come to eat everybody!

I open a store on Nakatsu east high fried chicken part Saturday, June 27. 

 A Nakatsu east high fried chicken part branch!
  •  Period :Saturday, June 27, 2015
  •  Place :Roadside Station Nakatsu
  •  A menu: 1 "east high fried chicken" pack 300 g 500 yen
 "A Nakatsu east high fried chicken part" developed three kinds of deep-fried syuyu tomato source basil source taste using crown regional chicken considerably. I am finished in the taste that is full of "healthy feelings" to be able to eat a lot. Please taste the fried chicken which you made with young power in everybodies.

The Events which I held so far

Golden Week special feature
Until scooping goldfish (100 yen once) May 6.
Deep-fried Nakatsu
It is the branch situation on (May 2) today.
Everybody of "the Zen Kaita hand drum" showed the drum performance of the force perfect score. (May 9)
Everybody (May 9) of "the Zen Kaita hand drum"
Roadside Station Nakatsu
814 Ooaza-Kaku, Nakatsu City, Oita Prefecture
TEL.FAX: 0979-64-8830
  • JA Oita Direct Sales Area
    The oasis four season
  • Restaurant
  • Indoor Plaza

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